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My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony Vol. II

My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony Vol. II Hardcover
By Brandon T. Snider with Illustrations by Tony Fleecs

Everything you need to know about the hit TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Character bios, episode guides, and maps are just the beginning!

The second volume of the wildly popular My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony: Friendship is Magic: The Official Guidebook features seasons 4 through 6, highlights of which include Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Castle of Friendship, the Defeat of Lord Tirek, the Equestria Games, the appearance of Starlight Glimmer, the birth of Princess Flurry Heart, and much more! Don't miss the guide to the friendship lessons Twilight Sparkle and her friends have learned-and live your life in harmony with all other creatures!

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